Manic Monday: Do we know what we are doing?!

May just has started and with it, a (first) Mission Impossible II.

After last year's mission impossible, I was not aware that this year's was coming so soon!

As Lipica was cancelled, we looked for another show coming up this month (with many possibilities, but, with all the public holidays not too many choices). So we ended up sending an entry for a show this weekend.

It is ok to embrace the challenge, to ride a little bit above your level of expertise.

But what we are up now this weekend, is simply crazy.

There was a good reason why I didn't want to go to this show: it will be our first CDN-A LM test - meaning, highest national level in this class possible! The tests we need to ride? Pony tests. FEI Pony Tests!!! FEI Pony Preliminary on Saturday, FEI Pony Team Test on Sunday. YIKES!
These are the tests top pony riders are riding! Meaning: enter in collected CANTER! Oh my, what have we done?!

Interestingly enough, I am not even enough scared to run!

On the contrary, I am looking forward to this challenge.
Surviving is the name of the game, tough 8m circles in trot and canter and half passes emerging from 8m circles in trot? No problem, we will try at least. Sure, we know that chances that we will be good thi weekend are below zero, but still, it will be a good experience! Kudos to the (max) 16 year olds that maneuver their FEI ponies through the tests. I wish it would look like that on this weekend.

Here are the three tests we will be riding this weekend on Youtube:

LM5 (National test)

FEI Pony Preliminary

FEI Pony Team

Watching these,we plea that

But, there is hope! As Walt Disney said: if you can dream, you can do it - he never excluded nightmares...

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