Too Fast And Too Furious

Yep, we did it again. Ground poles. Also some "cavaletti" work. Half cavaletti actually. Well, no there was ONE real "jump".

Hafl loves to jump and from time to time I really have to force myself and do some gymnastics over poles. Chrissi (and Betty!) is a big help - as eventer, poles are just like the dressage arena is for me. As we plan to have her school Hafl cross country in the coming weeks, we decided to have her also jump him a little before that. So on Thursday we had our first "Jump for Joy" meeting. I really want to share pictures of that with you:

See, that is the problem! We were just too fast and too furious - and made not only Chrissi laugh! Hafl is so eager to jump that it gets pretty difficult to hold him back - I have to admit that it could also be our Equipemt Manager's cell phone camera...

After also Chrissi having some fun, Hafl got another chance to be captured on a photo - grazing in slow motion:

See here another post on ground poles:

More pictures to come next time!

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