Improve Your Own Fitness - Become a Better Rider!

It feels like it is already the xth day in a row with temperatures above 30degC here in Carinthia. Even in the evening, riding feels awful and tremendous amounts of sweat are your true companion - some would say I exaggerate but come see... Moving in the heat is extra strenuous and, what's more, bikini season is approaching fast - oh wait, already here!

So what can you do to improve your own fitness and get in better shape (just in case there is single weekend in show season ...I mean SUMMER where you could probably lie on the beach and show off your perfect breech...I mean BEACH body - I wrote about the difference before here)? I just returned from my Thursday night Zumba class - and our friends from made a great infographics and what improves your fitness (and your riding) and why!

This infographic can be found here! Do not forget to subscribe to not miss other interesting infographics!

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