Sneak Peak: Making Of Freestyle 2015

Hafl's skeptic ears
 After having so much fun doing my first freestyle in 2013, it is time for a new challenge! This year's freesytle (in costume!) will be on August 1. So still some time to fine tune it and work on it. Anyway, I decided to ask a good friend of mine to help me with the music. The choreography I put together myself (LM level, meaning all but flying changes - officially FEI Pony Kur rules apply). I used simple sheets of paper I designed myself in (PM me for a copy, would be happy to share) and then digitized them with (there is a 30 free trial period).

What are they doing?!
Further, my creative director (aka the good friend of mine who is also my mentor when it comes to photography and video editing) and I met a Sunday afternoon to talk about the music. I already had the theme (shhhhhh - it is still a secret) and some songs in mind. So we worked through tons of midi files and he showed me what was possible from an editing point of view. Gosh! Before, I used to simply crop and put music together but he has tools to completely change single instruments, tone, speed and much more! I cannot wait what the final work will sound like!

After that, we met for a first try riding my choreography and videotaping it. We even had two different camera perspectives - I mean how cool is that? Here a snapshot of the video:

Two perspectives at once
And here is the video in the making: camera 1 placed at A, camera 2 being moved around:

The static perspective

The moving perspective

Right now, he is in the process of editing music. I will once more go back and think about the kur itself maybe change a few smaller bits - we'll see. In the meantime, I have listened to the songs for roundabout a hundred times meaning I can sing them by heart already. In August, I will not even be able to LISTEN to them anymore! Let me keep you posted on the progress and share a 101 on creating a freestyle soon!

Positive ears

Skeptic ears again

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