Show Reports 2015 - Part 2: I'm a Survivor (And Believer!)

It is almost a month from our last show already. The fact that I can write this blog post obviously means: we survived! We survived Part 1 of the Missions Impossible in 2015. And not only did we survive, we actually weren't THAT bad! Remember that I was super afraid of the difficult tests? Read more details on our first mission impossible for this year here!

To cut a long story short: we rode our first FEI Pony Tests on that weekend (the ones that start with "Enter at A in collected CANTER"...). Apart from the that, the list of entries showed that some GP riders were taking their "youngsters" for an outing - and I need to compete against them?! Honestly, that was a tiny bit too much. People who are ways ahead of me in the Austrian Dressage Rider's Ranking. Gulp!

No need to say that I hardly slept the whole week nor the weekend. We already drove to the show grounds on Friday morning and entered directly a national LM test. A good preparation for what to come on Saturday and Sunday. As my trainer was also there to show in fourth level, she helped me a lot. Actually, I guess she saved us. On Saturday, we scored a 58.952%. Hafl was very open judges said and I felt it, too, of course.

On Saturday, we improved and survived the enter in canter with a 61.042%. Yes, you saw it! ABOVE 60!!!

On Sunday, the most difficult test, we scored 61.880%. Again, above 60.

We were NEVER last (and never first but that's ok) and OMG was I proud! Most of the tests we were the only Haflinger and/or pony! And more people had higher licenses than I have. And it was our first tests with entering in canter. 

I made a different statistic this time: on Friday, 19 marks in the test were below 6, 20 above 6. On Saturday, 8 less than 6 and 36 greater than 6. On Sunday, 40 of all marks were above 6 and only 7 below! We got tons of 7s for pirouettes, walk, canter. Also paces got 7s. And what I am most proud of: rider's seat.

So there is still tons of things to improve but nonetheless, we can be more than happy with this result.

As it was a CDN-A, for the Austrian Dressage Riders Ranking we will multiply results above 60% by 1.5 - meaning that even with being almost last, my ranking will go up tremendously. Well done, Hafl, well done. Thanks to this little pony and making this all possible.

Our equipment manager was too busy with holding the test and making sure that he can whisper the next movement to me in case I would forget such that there is almost no video/pics from this weekend. At least some I could find on my phone:

I was officially declared rider's speaker
Riding in between the tests

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