[Product Review] Leovet Cellsius Cooling Gel

Wet legs test - here we go!

I was lucky to have the chance to participate in a product testing offered by Austria's biggest equestrian print magazine, pferderevue.at. Leovet just recently issued a new kind of cooling gel that works on wet legs as well.

Here is the description including a video and thermal photography proof.

Perfect for these temperatures that we have around here right now. Several studies showed already that just using a quick rinse with a hose does not bring the a sustainable cooling effect for horses after being exercised. I guess I speak for most of us that cooling wraps, water boots and what not are often times pretty expensive and require additional equipment like a cooler, fridge,... .

Cooling gels are often the preferred method. There are all kind of gels on the market, in a pretty wide price range. Many come in jars which makes it at least for me pretty difficult to work with as Hafl is not the most patient horse. So getting the right amount of cooling gel in the right moment often ends with most of the gel on the barn floor. Apart from that, many gels can be used on dry legs only due to their consistency. They would simply slip off a wet leg.

The Leovet Cellsius Gel comes in a tube instead of a jar (first point, Leovet). That makes dosing and application way easier. The consistency is also different compared to other gels, it is less slimy. It is also not transparent, it even looks a bit milky. That allows you to use the gel on wet legs as well - and that really works perfectly well. The smell is pretty strong the first time you use it but that goes away quickly. 

You can use it with only one hand while taking pics for your blog

Unfortunately, we cannot use Cellsius at shows,as it is on the Doping list (http://www.leovet.de/dopingrelevanz.html) but as a additional cooling option at home it is perfect.

Almost invisible on Hafl's legs
My conclusion for the Leovet Cellsius Cooling Gel: handy packaging, easy to dose and apply. Works on dry and wet legs, smells a bit strong in the beginning. So if you are looking for an extended cooling effect after hosing your horse in summer, this gel is for you.

Thanks Leovet for letting me review this innovative product!


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