Thank God It's Friday!

Fridays are the best and worst days in the week. Best days because you still have the whole weekend ahead.

Worst days, because in Horseyverse, Friday means show prep. Being busy until late night such that your horse can shine the next day. Hafl is not a big fan of Fridays either - he already spoke about his point of view earlier here.

At least, show weekend Fridays keep you away from spending too much money (really?!) on expensive food and drinks downtown.

Imagine there were no show weekends - you would probably go on a weekend trip, too! Again, you can save all this money for fancy city trips and go to horse shows yay! Waking up early, crappy food, good to miserable tests (even all at once) and late nights are the perfect exchange for that, don't you think?

I can actually hardly believe that is only a month to go when I kinda have a show prep Friday without actually going to a horse show the next day. Well, actually, we go to a horse show. Actually, we PLANNED a weekend trip around a horse show (can you see the problem?! we are now spending ALL the money!). We even FLY to a horse show! How exciting is that? This week, our tickets to FEI EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS arrived! YIPPIIIIEEEEH! And we will not go Thursday, we will not go Friday, we will actually be seeing the GRAND PRIX KUR! AND have a city trip to various cities in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Can it get any better than that? Probably not, as i intentionally booked seats CLOSE to the entrance of the arena...I guess I will be even able to touch Valegro, Totilas, you name it. Yes, Fridays in horseyverse are the best day, whether you go to a show or in our case see Europe's (and also the World's) best riders.

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