The Lion Does Not Sleep Tonight...

Today, before our training ride, I walked down to the river for a little warm up hack. Half way, we met a lady who passed by on her bike screaming: "Oh, you take your lion for a walk!"

Halt, Salute, RROAAARRR - nice halt btw!
What might seem weird under different circumstances was totally normal for me today. On Friday, we had the 30 year anniversary of our riding club and all of the neighbors and club members and friends were invited. As part of the celebration, some riders prepared little show acts for entertainment. And Hafl and I were part of that, too! Almost exactly two years after our first freestyle (, we put the lion costume back on Hafl and enjoyed a little ride to music with some slapstick moments for the audience included!

Our new home - at least, Hafl's

Rafiki himself couldn't have done a better job!

And onto the centerline for the half pass

A little canter never killed a lion

Finale salute, ooooopsie where is the audience ;) start of our fun part...

The idea was, at the end to have Hafl chasing me out of the arena. But guess what, he of course, acted like the dumbest lion on earth just standing there and watching me with the most bored face that he can offer. With all my might I tried to get him going and EVENTUALLY, he moved. slowly, foot after foot. The audience loved that and with that we accomplished our goal of having some good laughs.

Here is the photo series of what happened in the end:

And here we are, the main characters of the show:

By the way, the lady on the bike had another comment for us: "Next time, put some treats into your pockets.."...if she only knew that there were plenty of in my pockets, Hafl just acted fine....

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