When Did I Get This Old?!

Today, I was putting on my new white summer dress. A nice one. One with eyelet embroidery on the upper part. Perfect for the 9th day in a row with temperatures above 30degC. The only thing is: it is a bit transparent (well, yes, no, you'd guess so). And I actually looked myself in the mirror and wondered whether colleagues at work will see my underwear shining through! Through a white dress, in summer. There might be bigger problems in this world I guess but for me, today, that was a no go - I put on my Spanx and went off.

Could be worse?!

WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD? That I am bothered with underwear being slightly visible? It shouldn't be a surprise to ANYONE out there that I am wearing underwear - every single day! And I remember well when I simply didn't care. Just because there is nothing to care - I am not naked and it is NOT like that you can see the small bows and embroideries on my underwear - you can just see them gleaming....and still, while that was not an issue when I was still younger, today is.

And I realized (not only when I chose to wear Spanx - another sign!) that this is also true for horsey life! When I was a kid, I was not thinking that much about my riding. I simply enjoyed being around horses. Sure, I wanted to improve my riding but it did not dictate the rest of the day thinking about how I could get rid of this flapping elbows and drifting knees. Hacking without a saddle, galloping through the fields - no problem! Taking the risk of jumping cross country fences? Here I come!

Ballerinas, skirt, no helmet...that were the 90s

Nowadays, things have turned a little too serious. Everyday life is driven by work in order to earn enough money to foster your expensive passion. Meetings, schedules, short weekends do not leave much of space for just enjoying the moment. Some time ago, a colleague's wife came with their twins to visit. Watching them showed me how much they enjoyed the moment - waiting in front of the car while mummy was chatting with me, watching people passing by while talking to her husband... It is obviously these things that we miss when we get older. Of course, we learn a lot and grow in personality, but still, sometimes I wish I was as unbiased as a child. Because: why not?

Why not wearing white pants and showing the world your cellulitis? And not only at shows were you are forced to but also at work? Why not hopping into a puddle without worrying about how to get the stains out of your skirt afterwards? I often hear people say that they are too old for whatever.
Well, no cellulitis back then I guess...

But is this really true? Or is it like that we are only as old as we feel? So why the hell do I behave like a 90 year old? Do I feel that old? I haven't changed much apparently over the last 30 years - but when did my mind get this old?

Actually, no difference...

I do not want to say that we now should all stop working and live from jumping into puddles while wearing unforgiving white pants. But at least when it comes to our precious spare time we should consider the child in us and do things that make us happy! We are never to old to hack without saddle or try to mount a horse without saddle - OMG I have to try that!

Tomorrow, there will be the 30years anniversary of our riding club. A good occasion to awaken the child in me and dress Hafl and me up in a costume for a short kur...pics and video to follow soon!

By the way, ever wondered what the human equivalent age of your horse was? Look what I have found on that:


According to that, Hafl is 38.5 now. I always liked older men....

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