Show Reports 2015 - Part 5: They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit!

The next show was in early August. It was at our home barn so no traveling and perfect conditions for us. It was another part of the Alpe Adria Dressage Trophy, and what's more, we had to ride our first FEI Pony Kur in costume!

As it was Stephan's graduation party on Friday, I could only ride Saturday and Sunday. Weather was not too good on this weekend, it was raining a bit making the footing a bit heavy on Sunday. Still, we rode pretty good tests.

The first one on Saturday was the FEI World Dressage Challenge Elementary. We got a 62.613%, came in last though with the winner having 67.748%. Still, this test was better than our first try in March where we got 61.532%. We even got an 8 for the enter at A at the beginning from the judge at C - our first 8!!! All in all, we got 44 marks above or equal 6.5 and only 7 below 6. Unfortunately, I did sleep a bit and made too many mistakes. It even resulted in riding the wrong movement receiving penalty points. At the end of the test the judge at C actually asked me what was wrong with me (as I even did not manage to halt at the right letter in the end....). Absolute highlights were the proceed in working canter, the half circle in counter canter on both hands, rider's position and seat. We totally screwed up the walk - we trotted most of the time it felt like.

At night, we had our big show! A dressage freestyle to music in costume! How much work it was to prepare that! And the choreography was really a tiny bit too difficult for us resulting in rather low technical marks. The walk pirouette, the extended canter, and the entering got the highest marks. There was one 7.5 for the choice of music, some 5s and 6s for the extended trot. Overall, there were too many 6s - too little for a good result. We finished with 62.792%, second last, with the first place having 71.612%. But that was not the important thing with this test. All my friends were there, even my family was there. And the audience loved Hafl's costume - he was the cutest sailor ever! Oh, I did forget! We put together a navy kur! In the navy, The tide is high and I am sailing where the chosen songs. Look how cute he was:

All participants got ribbons and the most beautiful trophy ever! I mean really, look at this:

I love it!
On Sunday, we rode only one test (we got kinda lazy this year, only riding one test while we were riding up to three a day last - the FEI World Dressage Challenge Medium. Last time we rode this test we got 58.500%. We finished way better this time! 63.000%! Amazing! The first place had 67.042% and we were just one place out of the ribbons. 42 marks above or equal to 6.5, highlights in the enter at A, the half circles left and right, the medium walk with the walk pirouette, the collected canter (!), the serpentines in 3 loops, down the centerline. We screwed up the second 3 loop serpentines, and some travers. Again, the rider's seat scored pretty high with 6.5/7/7. Overall, a very good result especially compared to our first try of this test in March.

This weekend was really fun and getting our first ribbon of the season was only the icing on the cake. We need to get some more highlight movements and keep or even increase the consistency of our highlight movements. We are working on it, we are working on it...

Pat the pony

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