Show Reports 2015 - Part 6: Hafl Under Cover

Between August 21 and August 23 we faced our biggest challenge so far - a pony rider derby where you needed to ride all the FEI Pony Tests! Oh my! It was a challenge already in May when we had to ride two out of these 3 but this time, even the individual test needed to be ridden. Entering at A in collected canter...still gives me goose bumps!

As others might have feared that, too, we were the only participants in the wonder we won (can tell you that already). Actually, we could increased our performance from Friday to Sunday slightly, even though we stayed below the desired 62% per test. 

Still, having a blast riding the tests when you can only win - we had some good moments but overall, the tests were missing more highlights. And some things simply went terribly wrong (like simply changes...).

On Friday, we rode the FEI Pony Preliminary. We got 61.208% (last time in May: 61.042%)- there was a second division and on that day, we even beat them. Absolute highlights were the enter at A, medium canter, and rider's seat. Lowlights were in the simple changes and the shoulder in and the half passes. That should go on like that for the rest of the weekend - we were simply not able to ride a proper lateral movement.

On Saturday, we rode the FEI Pony Team Test with the best walk pirouettes of the weekend. They even scored 7.5! Overall, we got 61.538%, coming in sligthly lower than the time we rode it in May (61.880%) . Half circle left and right, walk pirouettes, medium walk and again the rider's seat were the highlights, this time also scoring more on the paces and impulsion! Lowlights were the half passes, the rein back and the simply changes.

On Sunday, we rode for the first time FEI Pony Individual test and finished with 61,992% - almost 62%! I was thrilled! To be honest, this test is pretty difficult already and I was worried about the 8m circles in collected canter. And jap, we somewhat screwed them up...Also the serpentines with simple changes from counter canter to counter canter - oh that was a mess! Earning  4s..what a pity. As said, lateral movements were close to catastrophe but the 8m circles in trot, the rein back, the medium walk, the pirouettes,  and the medium canter got marks up to 7. Again, good marks for the paces and for the rider's seat. Phew! At least some consistency!

 As this was supposed to be a derby, in the end we got a nice stable blanket! Which not only perfectly fit because of the color! Yay - showing is fun!

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