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My first FotoJet Facebook cover

As my Facebook Cover could use a bit of face lift, I was happy when Candy contacted me to ask me to try a new online tool for collages called FotoJet. It is free and has several different features: from classical collages to invitation and greeting cards, Facebook covers and Fun Fotos.

A lot of templates to choose from

Classical collages are possible as well

Scrolling bar to the right - a bit difficult to see on my screen

The tool looks pretty clean and simple. I have to admit though that on my laptop screen it looks somehow that there is a footer that I cannot see. Also, the scrolling bar on the right when choosing the template is too light - took me some time to see it. It does not seem to work with my touch screen on my laptop. Once discovered you will find out that there are tons of templates for all different occasions available.

A great feature is the direct import of pictures from Facebook - makes choosing pictures easy and fast.

Adding pictures to a template from Facebook or your computer
Editing images directly

Editing the text font - unfortunately, not the background color

Unfortunately, your uploaded pictures are not saved. When you start with a new collage, you have to load them again.

Also, when you have chosen a certain template, you can not change background colors or add text - that's a pity. But you can edit pictures right in the template - here again, it seems that the bottom part of the dialogue box is somehow gone on my screen. Just discovered - you can move the box with drag and drop - great feature! Now also the bottom part is visible for me.

Once finished, you can save your picture - it would be cool for like the Facebook cover, to directly upload it to Facebook. The share button allows you to share it on Facebook only.

I would love to have my collages stored in the tool itself, too, such that I can edit them later in time.

All in all, FotoJet is an easy to use, almost self-explaining free online tool with great templates (and also a great variety of templates). You can import Facebook pictures directly but unfortunately there is no possibility to save your uploaded pictures or the collages. For me, it would also be good to have several different Social Media covers template such that I could change all covers at once! Go to www.fotojet.com and try it out!

My new Facebook cover

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