Show Reports 2015 - Part 7: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head...

I do not know what is wrong with this show venue. Everytime we are there, it is raining. We had some major issues last year there as you might remember:

 Read here the full story to these pics.

Earlier this year, we rode our first FEI tests there - and survived our Mission Impossible 2015. Read this story here.

So, we headed a second time to this venue for a 3-day show. This time, no FEI tests but still, really tough competition. To make things worse, it was raining a lot leaving a mess for our early night ride on Saturday and still leaving a mess for our Sunday morning ride. I was afraid that this would harm our "performance" but Hafl seemed to adjust pretty good - even though I had splashes of dirt all over - even on my face.

How did it go? We, as always this season, rode three LM tests. We could again improve day over day. On day 1, we 61.429%, coming in second last with the winner having 67.667%. The enter at A earned a 8 from the judge at B, very good was the small circle, the shoulder in was better than last time, the haunches is was a disaster, as well as the counter canter - flying changes were not needed. That got us the first 3 for a movement in the whole season. Collective marks came in a little low as well compared to the last tests ridden. But there were lots of 7s that saved us from complete disaster .

On day 2, no flying changes. 61.847% was the result now leaving two other competitors behind us. The winner had 66.937% - so watch out, Hafl is catching up! No 8s this time but also no 3s. Highlights were the canter, serpentines, half circle left and right, haunches in was already a bit better, and also rider's seat got 2 7s. Lowlights were the walk (I do not know why), and the simple changes. That is also reflected in horse's suppleness collective marks which were not over the top. 

Day 3 was a good day! 62.588% already left 4 behind, the winner got 67.237%. Very few 5s, many 7s. The walk pirouettes were pretty low as they are normally one of the movements where we shine, again, the simple changes were bad but the canter overall a 7. Suppleness was again a lowlight with only 6s, but the seat earned 7s only. 

The whole weekend we missed to shine in our good movements which is a bit of a pity. Sometimes it is only those few extra points that gets you far behind - as we have lots of 7s now pretty constantly, we seem to do many things right though. So we will work on suppleness for the next few weeks as there are only two more shows to go. 

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