Show Reports 2015 - Part 8: The Slow Horse Reaches The Mill

Second last show of the season and we were between highs and lows. It showed me how much I still depend on me being quiet, calm and concentrated as I completely messed up the last out ouf four tests on Sunday.

But one after the other: on Saturday, we rode two LM tests, the FEI World Dressage Challenge Medium and the national LM4.

Hafl chilling in between the tests

For the WDC Medium, we got 63.500% and came in second last with the winner having 69.125%. Highlights were the half pass, the medium walk, and the canter right. What a surprise that the canter kept constantly becoming better this year! When we rode this test in March, we got a 58.500%, in September 63.000%. There were no severe mistakes but Hafl was not as light in the contact as possible and that put some pressure on the collective marks. Again, solid test with too few highlights.

The second test brought some movements were we got 7/7/7 from the judges like the enter at A, the walk pirouette left and rider's position. Again, lots of sevens, only a few 5s. We got 63.627%, finished 13th out of 16. First place had 67.745%. Judges said that we need to work more on suppleness. We rode the same test twice last year and got 60.784% and 48%. Yes, that is for sure an improvement.

On Sunday, the first test was the Pony Kur, the same we rode earlier in September. That test was again ok, but there were no 8s, but also no 4s. 63.375% was the result that ranked us 5th out of 7. We got 62.762% last time we rode this kur, unfortunately, we did not get as many points for music and choreography as hoped. I was putting tons of effort into the music that somehow did not pay off as expected - so, next year I will probably do less for that.

And then, there was the national LM test, LM5. I started arguing right before entering the warm up and completely lost myself in worrying about the argument. 14th out of 15 with losing almost all the points for our normally good movements. Only 61.190% - what a disappointment. It really showed that when I am not concentrated, I am not supple, I cannot perform. So many 4s and 4.5s, so few 7s. I was really pissed of. And worried for the last show to happen. 58.952%, 62.333%, 63.992%, 61.429% - that was probably the only test that got better and worse in the same season.

My main take away from this show was that I need to stay focused, that I need more of a routine before I enter the warm up - not really for me, but more for the people around me to avoid any kind of argument before riding off. The slow horse reaches the mill, right?

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