Show Reports 2015 - Part 9: Let It Go, Let It Go....

Disney OSTs are pretty cool, right? And I should have listened to the Frozen theme way more often before this show. That would have led to success in that case - and as I realized, also for our future.

The show was in Graz Nord, Styria, were last year we were pretty much thunderstruck (more here), this year, it was raining, again. No surprise. We needed a tractor. Again. This time, car and trailer behind a tractor. Great.

You, tractor, again?!

But how did the show go? There were four tests in two days, two national ones and the FEI Pony Tests, remember, the ones with entering in canter which we were so much afraid of in May this year. The bad thing: we sucked. The good thing: we learned so much this time.

On Saturday, both tests were super tense. It was an indoor show due to the pouring rain and the arena was not too easy. I held Hafl way too much resulting in below average marks. Same true on Sunday for the first test. And then it was time to change strategy. So I went from: OH MY GOD hold on to that rein to: KNOW WHAT? go on a long rein - at least, it felt that way. And we totally succeeded! Too bad that I rode (again) to the right instead of to the left (a similar mistake on Saturday in one test) resulting in a -0.5% approximately. That was really a pity because I guess without that, we could have been one of our best results this season!

The fourth test felt super awkward, it felt too little collected, too long in the reins but when I watch the video, it seems more than okay. So here again, a perfect example of why you need a trainer: you might not feel the same as you are actually doing. What feels good to you might be completely wrong, especially for us amateur who do not ride ten horses a day. It takes us pretty long to memorize the feelings when we are actually doing something right, probably also because the moments when we are doing things right are rare (at least for us).

Saturday, we got 60.991% in the national test, 59.145% in the Pony Team Test (-2 marks for error of the course ), Sunday, 60.772 in the Pony Individual and 62.588 (again, -2 marks) in the national test, being 14th out of 18.

This show might not have been successful in terms of marks, but it had a huge learning effect for me and after all, I was happy that the tractor got us out of the mud. Now, we have a pretty long break, no shows until March apparently. Enough time to work on memorizing the good and right feelings - and enough time to let go of too much reins, too much leg, too much pressure.

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