[Video] Dressage Hafl Freestyle 2015: In The Navy! Must Watch!

Finally, we made it! A split screen video of our rides of this year's FEI Pony Kur: First time we rode it in costume, Hafl and me as sailors, second time in standard apparel. Enjoy watching both rides in one video!

The costume in details again:

Read how we scored for the tests and our high- and lowlights here and here!

A special thank goes to Hafl, for being the most patient horse when it comes to costumes and to Christian Philipp (www.tanzcafe.de and https://www.behance.net/ChristianPhilipp), who spent endless time in filming, editing Midi-Files, doing all the wonders to create a well fitted piece of music and eventually the video editing of these two rides and Herwig Putzi for his final touch up of the music after the first ride to get rid of the last flaws. I couldn't pay you guys what your work was worth.

You have done a great job and I am so much looking forward to next year's freestyle. 

Another special thanks goes out to our equipment manager who filmed the second ride (and needs a steadier hand - just kidding, we are happy to have a video at all)!

Thanks to the Village People, I cannot hear you anymore, Blondie, who were my favorite part in the kur, and Rod Stewart, you were a great source of inspiration!

Popeye, whenever you need a sailor pony - Hafl would be happy to volunteer!

Curious what next year's freestyle will look like? We are discussing it already!

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