Happy New Year!

2015 is almost over - what a great year! Time to write my letter to the universe, think about my new year resolutions and giving Hafl a day off after a great ride today (not to mention that we had a bigger argument two days ago and ever since he thinks he needs to be extra nice!) and time to think back on all the great and not so great moments in 2015. Would I have done anything different? Probably not. We moved to a new barn, changed to a new trainer, successfully underwent surgery, saw the European Championships in Aachen, rode our first flying changes. If 2016 has only half the number of highlights as 2015, it will be a great year. For sure, this was the best view in 2015, and it will be in 2016 and 2017 and ever after! Happy New Year Horsey Friends - let's start another great year! Thanks to all who supported and accompanied us during this year - hope we will spend even more time together in 2016!

Enter at A - straight ahead towards C - Happy New Year!

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