Today Is The First Blank Page Of A 366 Page Book. Write A Good One.

I do not know why it is such a big deal that we have a new year now. People love to use these days to say that everything will change. That they will do things differently. That they will work out more, that they will lose weight, that they will do more of whatever and less of whatever else. Maybe we need that in order to make up our mind on all the "bad" habits that we have, to re-focus on the good stuff and keep in mind that we need these in our life, too. To me, New Year's Eve is not about partying and fireworks. I take some extra time to think about my life and plans. My wishes and dreams. Every year on New Year's Eve, I write my letter to the universe. Asking for that little extra help for the biggest projects in the new year. I think it is important to take some time to think about plans and resolutions. Why just doing that on New Year's Eve? But what's more, the best planning and resolutions are nothing without action. It is on us to do all we can to make those resolutions work, to make those dreams come true, to turn these wishes into reality.

Yes, I've made my goal list already and yes, I've thought about resolutions as well. But what I really thought about was: what do I need to do to get what I want? Losing weight means that I need to get myself going and do that extra workout. As easy as that! Nobody else can do that for me and no, it is not my genes or whatever, it is my own laziness. And yes, it is time to lose some weight, not only because I want to buy new riding boots - and if you ever tried to find the perfect size boots you will know that it is even more difficult than finding that perfect pair of jeans. So I made the following deal: I made a wish list, things that I would like to buy during 2016 (mostly horse stuff, what a surprise). But there are conditions: I will not buy a new pair of show boots before I did not lose enough cms around the calves to fit a nice pair of boots. I will not buy new pairs of breeches unless I will fit in a size less than I am currently wearing (bad thing about an indoor with mirrors: you see your back side...too many times). That will keep me motivated to go through a weight losing/fitness program as I already set some kind of treat at the end of all that work. To me, that increases the chances of reaching this goal.

I decided to change a ton of things in my daily life and 2016 will be full of changes anyway, starting with (hopefully soon) a new job, new challenges in our show life (OMG are we really working towards 3rd level now?), maybe more work, less vacation, less shows. But no matter what the changes will be - I will try to make the best out of them. And stick to the plan and take the necessary actions. Today is the first blank page of a 366 page book - let's write a good one!

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