52 Week Equestrian Money Challenge - Save Some Extra Money For More Horsey Stuff!

As said, 2016 should look a little bit different to 2015. Most people try to safe a little extra money throughout the year for a nice holiday trip. To us equestrians, having a little extra money means: saddle pads, blankets, polo wraps and halters! I've learned that I am not the only equestrian being broke all the time so here is a challenge for 2016: the 52-Weeks Equestrian Money Challenge. It's easy: all you have to do is to put a little amount of money aside every week - according to a given scheme. And in the end, you will have roundabout €/$ 1400 to spend - on horsey stuff! Doesn't that sound great?! Sounds like superduper horsey Christmas this year!

What do you have to do? This week, you will put away 52 of whatever, next week 51, the week after 50....and the last week 1 whatever. That sums up to an amount big enough to buy something extra nice, don't you think? Seems like a tough challenge? Maybe... but think of all the useless things you buy (i.e. food, we want to lose weight anyway :D) and try to hold back a little. Of course, you can try with a smaller amount, too. The important thing is that you really put the money somewhere you can see it (yes, I know we normally put it in the fields or in tack rooms) - like a jar. And keep track of your savings to motivate you each week. Sounds like a plan? Definitely! I have already put my first € 52 into the jar - are you doing it, too?

The jar of gratitude to the at that time still empty 52 week equestrian money challenge jar

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