5 Minutes Are Better Than Nothing

Last year, I really sucked in increasing my own fitness. No more back training and Cantienica at work, almost no Zumba lessons, quitting my at home Blogilates/Stretching/Do at least something workout. I always waited for motivation - which never came around.

No gym, no problem - Shoulder stretch

This year (like SOOO many years before) I made up my mind and I am really angry with myself that I am not able to do at least a tiny little thing to help my riding. I am not even super happy with my body (well, I can stand him but I do not LOVE him). So as many others around the world, I am motivated to give it another try. Gyms are still a no go for me (right now, they seem to be super crowded anyway with lots of other great New Year resolution keepers). So training at home here we go.

There is an endless list of apps available, I tried already some but even the 7 minutes seemed to be way too long for me. So I did a little bit of research. I knew that I do not only wanted to do strength, but that I needed some Yoga/Pilates, and some more stretching as well. I found the PERFECT app for all of that! It is called Sworkit and it combines strength, cardio, Yoga/Pilates and Stretching. No matter which category you choose, you can define the length of the workout and, in case you want to, the focus of the exercises.

I start off with the orange button in the center, the Fit in 5 (Fi5 is my Moleskine code). It is as stated a five minutes workout - but it is never the same as the exercises change and you can also put together custom workouts. Then I try to alternate: stretching on one day, maybe Yoga on the next. To be honest, I have not yet tried the cardio and the strength individually - let's start small and not demotivate ourselves right at the beginning - because 5 minutes are better than nothing, right?

A lot of programs to choose from - and you can very the length and combine your favorite exercises
She looks fancier than me doing this exercise - and this one is an easy one!
They say once you got hooked,  it will become addictive - for me, it should be at least give me a certain feeling of being guilty when not doing anything. Later, I want to try to increase the length of training as well as do more differentiated training sessions. But I have the rest of the year left...let's see how it goes!

5 minutes are better than nothing

The goal always on my mind

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