[Throwback Thursday] He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good...XMas Presents Review

First of all, let's get back to what I wished for for Christmas:

So, which dream did come true? Double bridle? No. New Boots? Not yet. New brushing boots? Nah. But, and now ladies and gentleman, hold tight: the shadbelly and the top hat are off the list! WHOO HOO! Okay, the shadbelly was MY gift for MYSELF. It is a navy  blue one with pointers in yellow or red (you can easy exchange them as they are with Velcro). And it fits! It looks gorgeous! Of course I have to say that! There must be a dedicated post on this desirable piece of clothing...

My mom and my dad gave me enough money to order the top hat! Thanks Mum and Dad! It will be a fur felt navy colored beauty. No picture yet as it will only be ordered soon.

Apart from that the rest of my Christmas presents did not match my wishlist BUT nonetheless were horse related (and great, I love each one of them): I got a tack store voucher, a headband and neckwarmer from Spooks, a small HV Polo tote bag, HV Polo socks and a showcase - for all our trophies! No more dust on the well deserved prizes for sweat and tears. Phew!

Coziest (!) neck warmer ever!!!

Matching headband

New show bag

Show socks
A model of the showcase - cause the real one would not have fitted underneath the Christmas tree

But literally the biggest parcel this year (and also the one being super late) was for Hafl.

It says: 135cm in height...well...

It is a new super thick and warm stable blanket - my clipping management sucked this year so Hafl felt too cold with the thick blanket that was sufficient in the last years. So he definitely needed a thicker one - and he looks super cute in the new one, plus, it is warm enough now.

He looks gorgeous - what else?!

For our barn Christmas party, I made a bunch of cookies - one bag for horses, one for the riders:

Look at those tags - aren't they sweet?!

All in all, great Christmas presents, thanks to all of my sponsors!

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