Training Update 2 - And Up, And Down...

OH I HATE THOSE CHANGES! At least, every other day. Because that is how it works right now: on one day, we get straight changes at first attempts on both sides, on the next day we do like nothing. No reaction. No change. Nothing. Then the next day we get changes straightaway JUST to forget how to do them the next day.

Can't wait for spring

So I am really much into investigating WHY it is like this. My trainer told me that this is pretty normal and especially with changes, that happens. But it never happened before or do you remember learning shoulder in and the next day you cannot ride it anymore? No, I guess not! It seems that all the other movements learned so far work like that: learned and then it is just a matter of quality. And enthusiasm. Or me being too tired to ride them precisely. Totally different those changes: I think he has understood the idea. But what happens overnight that he again forgets them?

Going for a walk on weekends

When it comes to me, I am not afraid of changes anymore. It does not feel like the most overwhelming movement any longer. It feels like fun (at least every other day) and I now start to realize what happens when we do not get them right (at least on every other day, on the next day I do not always have a clue why he goes LALALALA). You are pretty tempted to overuse this new movement so we have to hold us back and not ride too many as this movement is still very exhausting for him (again, at least every other day). I really have to find a balance between doing too little and too much. And the rest is hoping and praying that this weekend in April, our first show weekend in 2016, will be three consecutive good days. At least, on one hand. Have I mentioned that last year the ones from right to left felt pretty safe already and that now I hardly ever get a right to left (especially on those other days). It seems that his preferences on the easier change change as well.

Apart from that, we did a lot of in hand walking as it was pretty cold since my last update and whenever there was sun there was this extreme urge to go outside and absorb some sun rays. We also did some free jumping but not too much lunging recently. We also grabbed our double bridle and he again showed no curb resistance - he does not seem to care at all. 

All in all, his trot seems much rounder already, the canter is still not firm. I did lots of collected canter which led to a bit uneven rhythm again so I am planning to do a little more canter forward the next few sessions. I cantered a lot today as well as he was pretty fresh and not really getting tired. So I figured out he needed some extra laps. 

Look at THAT trot!

We used the Tellington body wrap today, I haven't used it for a long time. It was exhausting for him and I could feel him use his back better so I will lunge him tomorrow with it as well. Some trainer lessons on the weekend and that will be it for January 2016. Some more months to get those changes right.

Sunday training

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