January Statistics - A Month in Numbers (Plus Video!)

2016's first month is over - time for some statistics. When I look at my Google Analytics, I could see an increase in page views compared to December 2015 by 54% this month. Compared to January 2015, there was a 50.33% increase. No numbers for January 2014 as I only activated Google Analytics on January 26, 2014. Overall, numbers are still nothing compared to the real big blogs out there - but it is okay if the small crowd visiting my blog also reads it (thanks guys!).

Hafl afterworks yesterday, tired but happy

There were 13 posts published in January which is great compared to December 2015 when I only posted 7 times. In January 2015 I posted 8 times and in January 2014 20 times.

Regarding Hafl's training: he had 9 days off, got ridden 15 times, of which 6 sessions were with my trainer, got lunged 3 times and hacked/hand walked 3 times and free jumped once as a special this month. What a great month, Hafl.

Regarding my own training: my Sworkit summary says the following: I did 23 workout sessions with an average of 5 minutes duration (as I said before, 5 minutes are better than nothing) which ended up in 111.5 minutes of workout time, and burned 701 calories. That does not seem a lot but what it did was it started to force me to do something at least every other day. And it is getting more and more fun. Honestly! I now enjoy doing crunches as I can lift my body already a tiny little bit more than before. And so I am curious what it would feel like when I can lift it again a tiny bit more by the end of February.

What are we up to in February? It is still 2 months to our first show so training wise we will still focus on flying changes. We haven't yet decided whether to show in snaffle or double so we will also ride every now and then in the double to get used to it. I will focus more on core training and keep an eye on stretching. I am guilty of ignoring cardio for now - I plan to go back to Nordic Walking in March - once it is not as cold anymore and not as dark, I will put some effort in my cardio on my days off riding.

Blog wise, the benchmark for February is between 6 (in 2015) and 17 (in 2014). I handed in a guest blog for a bigger portal as well and I still hope that it will be published - maybe in February? I am late with some reviews and I also planned some other guest blogs for Q1. So I will at least start to think about topics soon.

And here it is, January's video:

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