My Health Benefits Of Horseback Riding

1. Fresh air. I leave my home at least 5 days a week. Sure, I go to work but apart from that, I might be trapped somewhere between TV and Facebook. Between couch and bed. What do non-horsey people do after work or on the weekends?! Can you sleep a whole day? Can you survive without leaving the house? Thanks to Hafl, I have to go out, no matter if it is freezing cold or super hot. It can never rain or snow enough. Never. Horsey time is horsey time. Full stop.

2. Diet. I stop eating. At least for a while. It might not help loosing weight, but it for sure slows down the gaining of additional weight. The bad thing is: riding makes me so hungry that I eat all that stuff when I come home.

3. Mental exercise. A lot to think about. Where to put that leg, how to hold that ellbow, watch your seat bones, make sure you are sitting straight. Learn new things like flying changes. Just to realize that even think of the combination of aids gives you headaches.

4. Body awareness. And body weaknesses awareness. And then I start doing something like regular core training. Just to feel better after a while when my riding improves.

5. Personal safety. The last one is actually for all the other people around me. They would suffer a whole lot more if Hafl was not there.

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