Let's Talk About Show Shirts!

One of my show shirts in action

Today is White Shirts Day - a good reason to think about show shirts for this season. As you might already know, I bought myself a shadbelly for Christmas. It is a dark navy one with silver piping and golden buttons. The tails are either red or yellow.

Last year, I wore three shirts: one from Cavalliera and one from Felix Bühler (which I bought twice). Both of them had their pros and cons. The Cavalliera is made from cotton with an elastic portion. It was really comfy to wear but once wet, it hardly ever dried again. The look was very special, just like a sailor.

The other two are made of polyester. They dry super quick but are not as comfy to wear. And they look less fancy. They are from Felix Bühler.

I particularly chose to have colored shirts as the white ones might look "special" with white breeches once you carry around those useless extra pounds just like me. Unfortunately, they do not properly match the shadbelly color now. Okay, you might say that nobody would recognize but once you have a shadbelly you MUST have a proper shirt - your shadbelly deserves it!

So I started looking around online to find a shirt that a) is comfy and b) matches a shadbelly (regarding style, color).

Maybe I will go with one of these: they are from Horze, which actually look like cotton but they are made from polyester and thus, are quick drying:

Horze Show Shirt

An alternative could be these from Felix Bühler, they have a nice dark navy color that could fit the shadbelly. They also have some bling and ruffles.

Felix Bühler by Krämer
Felix Bühler by Krämer
Or that one, which is also pretty dark at least on the picture:

Felix Bühler by Krämer
I will be in Vienna next week and have some time for shopping when meeting Jen from Wyern Oakes - let's see whether I can decide then which ones to choose! Any more suggestions from your side?

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