When Horse Bloggers Meet - And Go To A (Or Two) Tack Shops [Lots of Pictures!]

Last Saturday, I got up at 4.30am. Not for a horse show. To drive to Vienna to meet Jen from Wyern Oakes. After having been around two times already (once in August two years ago, once last February), we decided that we were going tack shopping this time - followed by a horse show.

Enter at A!
Hands on people

I had NO idea that we could really spend half a day in tack shops - but Jen really NEEDED the stuff she bought (read her version of the story). So we went to two not too fancy tack shops - Jen has no idea that we have even better and more exclusive ones.

Jen and her first attempt to buy boots

Luckily, she could find everything she needed (yes, needed). And I do not know how that happened, I found some stuff, too (who would have guessed). Hafl got a new browband (patent leather matching his patent leather snaffle noseband) which was ridiculously cheap. I found a hat box - my top hat arrived today so he needs a safe and comfy home. It was on sale - a real bargain.

Here is what I bought at the second store
That is the new browband on the bridle
The trunk of the car....All Jen's...all Jen's...

After not having any shopping budget left on both sides, we drove further South to a barn where I also showed twice before. We watched the PSG, but actually spent more time on eating (Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel, Sachertorte...).

And tempi changes

The cake and the coffee

Watching the price giving from the inside

That judge had her knee operated on - and that is how they transported her to her place

Cannot wait to see this from the horseback perspective again

Oh I miss show barns...the tack shop bag - we have been there too


Some more riding

What a day! We brought Jen back to the airport later that day and after another 3.5 hours drive we arrived back home. And that is the commercial result of this Blogger Meet Up:

Next time Jen, I expect you to come with me to a show - as groom. Just to make sure that you see the real show life in Austria....

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