Training Update 3 - Tame the Flying Changes Dragon

Things are going great recently - the last few days were especially great. The last 3.5 weeks had been full of training, 12 times riding of which five times with my trainer, I lunged Hafl twice and he had six days off.

One day, sun, on the next day snow...crazy conditions

We kept the improvement in the trot work. Most of the days, he felt super light and connected, a great feeling. Actually, trot work was getting kinda boring as it went so well that I did not know what else to do with him. Last week, there was one day when I almost cried while I cantered as it felt so good. Unfortunately, I could not keep up this feeling, the insecure feeling has returned. So I need to focus more on me during canter again.

Lessons we love

Apart from that, the flying changes are tremendously improving. Now they actually feel like fun. We get a got portion of them right now and there is no running and craziness anymore - okay, they are for sure not pretty yet but, at least, we get really many right now.

I also saw a great improvement of Hafl's canter on the lunge line. Even on the left hand, canter really looked like canter. Using the body wrap helped a lot.

Workout for horse and rider 

With now only 41 days left to our first show, I am feeling pretty confident already. I just realized that I might need to change some training routines as he is so supple and good right now that I do not want to risk to make him angry. So as soon as these stupid snowfall and rain stop, we will go for hacks at least once a week. It is just slushy now - hope that it gets warmer again.

And I will have one day of riding him just for keeping him supple. No movements, just easy work on a half long rein. I also started to massage him and he seems to like it a lot. He is such a good boy and I cannot wait to go out there to ride our first show.

Late night many days til daylight saving time?!

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