Monthly Round Up: What You Should Not Have Missed On Dressage Hafl In February 2016

Don't you hate it when you do not have enough time to read all the interesting things on the internet? And once you have time, you will never find those interesting articles again. You are not alone - that is why I decided to round up the best blog post of each month for you. You're welcome!

This month, we looked into show season planning, admired my custom dressage boots, met Jen from Wyern Oakes and summed up why ponies rock:

Let's be honest: I am actually done with show planning. I mean I have done it already in November. I am more than prepared. Actually, I could show right away. But let us step back a bit and get an idea of how I do my show planning for the upcoming season. [...]

What if somebody told you that you could have a customized tall boot with all the details that you want or don't want? Lucky me, this week the dream of designing my own tall boots came true. [...]

Last Saturday, I got up at 4.30am. Not for a horse show. To drive to Vienna to meet Jen from Wyern Oakes. After having been around two times already (once in August two years ago, once last February), we decided that we were going tack shopping this time - followed by a horse show. [...]

As a kid, I rode ponies. And I was – let’s say, not always the one deciding where to go. When this tiny Haflinger mare decided not to jump more than three fences in a course then she DID not jump more than three fences in a course. We more often left the arena after fence 2 or 3 than after the actual last fence. Being stubborn, bucking, “losing me midair”… nothing really uncommon when I was around 15. [...]

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