The Countdown Has Started: 30 Days To Go...

The last month before show season starts is always special. As I have already written in 2014 about it, I am looking very much forward to it. Training almost every day and not having a goal in sight is a no go for me. So as soon as show season starts, I, at least, know why I do all that. Last year was, speaking of ribbons, probably the worst show season ever but I was not sad or anything like that because I knew that we had learned so much. This year could be very interesting. We will show flying changes - or let me rephrase that we TRY to show flying changes. This year will show whether we can make it to the upper levels or not (no problem Hafl, in case not, I will love you anyway!). Flying changes seperate the boys from the men - I am a firm believer that we can make it. At least one. Come on, Hafl, one should be possible. Yesterday he gave me a real good one while too many were simply put ugly. Disgusting. Not useful.

Show season - we are looking right at you

Our calendar is a little lighter this year and most of the shows will be in the same venue - which is good as it is close to my parents' meaning that we could sleep there including full board and soothing words from my parents once we fail included (not going to happen - either you succeed or you learn something).

What we plan to do in the next 30 days? Keep the training up as is. Wash Hafl's mane. That is the thing I am looking most forward to. I still need to re-pack the trailer after it had been sitting under a roof since October, nicely waxed and hyperclean.

I still need to get Hafl his new double bridle although I am not sure whether I will show him in the double or in snaffle. That is one thing I still need to find out this month. The show will be a three- days and for the first time in our show life I will go there on Thursday already not to have any rush on the first show day. Wow, feels like we have grown up in show biz.

Hafl has his tail washed - and he is not always...

When it comes to me, I made a huge progress in the month of February as I did my first 15 minutes of workout on Sworkit. I could increase my average time from 5 minutes (remember that I said that 5 minutes are better than nothing) to XY minutes. It already feels like I am getting somewhat stronger. A tiny little bit. To get an even better result, today was the first day of my new Yoga before work class which is scheduled Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:00 am. I almost died today but, at least, it showed me my weaknesses (not that I hadn't been aware of them before).

Our homework is done, bring it on, show season, bring it on! Honestly, I cannot wait to get up at 4 on weekends just to haul my trailer to a rainy show, ride a crappy test and go back home with no ribbon...ah...just kidding!

PS: 2013 I was really afraid of show season to time changes....

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