Show Reports 2016 - Part 2: 1 of 4

THIS horse show was such a relief - in so many ways! I haven't been at the prize giving for so long (we were there this time), I have been waiting for a ribbon for such a long time (we got one this time), we were especially longing for one of THESE ribbons for such a long time (as we have never gotten one so far - but been here so often already). To put it in a nutshell: it was great!

Happy happy happy :D

Sure, we could have been way better and get 3of 4 (will explain that to you in a minute) and yes, the weather could have stayed dry at least once (remember, we are used to shitty weather around this venue. It rains. At leat once. Every day. Turning the venue into a slippery clay ground. Ýay.).

It needs some work still but the trot improved a lot already

Another happy moment: when I bought a toothbrush after I forgot mine at home...
But let's get back to the ribbon story first. I have been to this venue several times in the recent years already and it was one of these miracle places where we never actually got a ribbon. So expectations were low again but on Friday, we placed 7th at the easy 3rd level (called LP). I need to highlight that we need 4 LP results over 62% still to get our next license (RD3).

The smaller the horse the bigger the tack locker (and stuff)
And, now ladies and gentlemen, we have ONE! WHOOOO HOOOO! One result above 62%. I cried when I heard the result. Wow! Unfortunately, we were not able to get another good result this weekend, but at least I learned that Hafl knows his job, that he knows his flying changes, that he can do them. And that self-affirmation actually works! I did well on Friday but lost track a bit on Saturday and completely lost it on Sunday when heavy rainfalls and hail turned the arena into a nice little pond. I worried too much and did not ride like I meant it. Should have retired, did not, got 55% - well deserved for such a poor riding. On Saturday, we missed one change completely resulting in 60,125%. With that change, we would have had our necessary 62% for sure.

Guess who has the most relaxed horse on the show grounds?!

In detail:

Friday: 63%, finishing 7th. I have not too often seen such a nice marks sheet. So many 7s, only two 5.5s (for the half pass right). We outperformed almost all the movements except for half passes and extended walk which counts twice (bummer!) and some of the canter work. The judges said we needed more collection (dead on!).

Schooling on Thursday night

Saturday: 60,125% thanks to a no show of the flying change from right to left. Other than that, there were again lots of 7s, the half pass was again weak (it was on Sunday, too, I can already tell). Hafl's suppleness needs some work, we knew that and could see it on Saturday.

There is always sunshine after the rain

Sunday: 55%. All changes worked but the overall feeling was disastrous. I did not like what I rode at all. He did not feel through, not at all collected...I guess I left him alone on the bad footing worrying way too much instead of riding him and reassuring him. Anyway, I could have retired which would have been the wiser choice. Never mind, will do better next time.

That pony makes me sooo happy!

That show was such a booster for my confidence. The next show will be next week followed by two consecutive ones with a fortnight in between. I still need to fix my freestyle drama but all eyes are on the next chance to change to 1 of 4 into a 2 of 4, or 3 of 4 or even a 4 of 4!

When you feel like winning

What a nice present I got from my boyfriend as a reminder of our greatness :D

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