This Year's Freestyle (Is A) Drama...

Thinking back on last year when preparing my freestyle feels like this year is a total mess (even my first ever freestyle seems like a miracle to me right now)!

Filming this year's trial and error aka the kur that never made it

I have successfully chosen a theme already (remember the In the navy theme last year? This year will be much cooler) and quickly found my costume but when it came to choreography, the disaster took its course. Finding the right music was easy compared to finding the right lines and curves. So I started with a perfect on paper draft just to realize that in reality it took me around 8 minutes to ride it - no way possible to ride it in 4:30 to 5 minutes which is the maximum allowed for a FEI Pony Freestyle.

Watching seemingly endless videos online
Right, let's think it over again. And again. I even tried to change it during my ride. And failed.

Great! Yet another hour of videos...

So I got back to my laptop and started watching endless hours of FEI Pony Tests on YouTube. I thought I would get the right inspiration and watched video after video. In the end, I chose the walk part from one, the trot work from another and the canter from a third video. I felt like: Man, that was easy!

Drafting and drafting and drafting....
And then I rode it. And it took me SIX MINUTES! Oh my God! Again, I started to change it while I rode it today and I became slightly desperate!

At least, the weather was nice today - first day of summer with 25degC

Why oh why is it so difficult to put the choreography together this time?! I have no clue, it took me only one rework of last year's first draft and was done. This year, it seems that my kur needs to be like 10 minutes long.

And a little more drafting...

What am I gonna do? Ride an alternative canter tour? Ride one of the tests that I could find online? I have no idea. All I know is that the time left is rather limited. I need to ride this freestyle on the first weekend of July!

Here it is, the costume - well hidden...
I asked my boyfriend what to do and apart from asking me back whether I REALLY need to include all these movements (ah well, yes) he just said: I would always ride the same choreography. Full stop. At least, another possibility to be taken into account...

Let's go back home and think it over again

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