Monthly Round-Up: What You Should Not Have Missed On Dressage Hafl In August 2016

Don't you hate it when you do not have enough time to read all the interesting things on the Internet? And once you have enough time, you will never find those interesting articles again. You are not alone - that is why I decided to round up the best blog post of each month for you. You're welcome!

[Teach Me Tuesday] Dressage: Just Sitting On A Horse For The Rich... My Response
Yesterday, I read an article saying that equestrians should not be part of the Olympics, that the Olympics are for humans, not horses (you might have seen it as well). I tried to stay calm when reading through this article written by a man who obviously has a very strong opinion against horses.

A follow-up article I've just read from the same author stated that he never ever got as much response on one of his posts. [...]

I have enough tack...said no equestrian ever! I do not know what it is that makes me want more saddle pads, new boots, a new browband (because all the old items would still work fine) but every now and then (rather all the time...whenever possible) I buy something new. To make Hafl happy. Okay, to make me happy. Because I deserve it. Yes, there is plenty of occasions where you deserve a new saddle pad. The achieved score at the show, the clinic, the sale at the local tack store...[...]

Have you (yes, you male human being!) ever heard them say: beware of the horse girl? Yes?! Let me prove them wrong. In other words: why horsey girlfriends rock![...]

...but remembering is worse! On the agenda of this show at the beginning of August: forgetting your test. Not only once, not twice, I almost forgot it three times (which would have meant: elimination thanks to being too stupid). [...]

[Videos] Sunday Clears Away The Rust Of The Whole Week. Joseph Addison
After a tough week of training and breakthroughs (reminds me of having to write another training update), I decided to go for a small hack today. So, instead of writing about our last show, I now want to share some pictures and videos.[...]

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