Monday Motivation: Yay, Yet Another Freestyle…

Plan: finish the last two missing score at 3rd level last weekend. Reality: that was close. So, plan B says: go enter another show in three weeks. Good. Why not? Then you realize: as it is the final oft he Alpe Adria Trophy, you are forced to ride a freestyle on Sunday. Wait. What? A freestyle? A 3rd level freestyle?

Yep, another show another freestyle

I was pretty positive after this fail weekend that I would have plenty (namely three) more chances to get to the last two scores needed at the next show. I mean, 2 out of 3 was not realistic last weekend but it might be in 3 weeks time. What I did miss was that a) there will be only two chances, namely Friday and Saturday and b) that I will have to ride a kur on Sunday. I mean of course nobody forces me to do so but on the other hand, the entry fees are a tad higher than average so I would love to make the most out of this show weekend. And freestyles are fun. Generally speaking. This year has been a freestyle drama though as many (and I hope all) of you may know. The whole story on the last freestyle in July can be found here.

Actually, I was not too keen on doing another one this year but I cannot help it. As it is only three weeks to go AND we are far from firm at third level, the choreography must be easy. EASY. Really easy. That is problem number 1.

Number 2 is the music. This time, no costume at least which makes choosing some titles a bit easier as they do not have to fit a certain costume and theme. Still, I only have one single song in mind, which might fit the trot. The only thing I know is that it should be music from the present, e.g. I will go through recent charts and find some titles that might work together.

Oh my God, I can see myself already sitting there at 3 a.m. editing music. What a pleasure!

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