The Lucky Loser

This weekend was an up and down between "wow, that canter feels so good" and "oh no, the score is not even close to the magical 62%". We rode Thursday, Saturday and today and until 8:00 this morning, things seemed to get worse in the ring.

Just one second after this picture had been taken, Hafl rolled. With THAT ribbon...

And then, after scoring around 60 on day 1 and 59 on day 2, I was not at all positive for today. With two costly mistakes in the flying changes I pretty much saw my hopes dashed to earn the stupid 62%. I was right, scoring 2s on two flying changes leaves you with an overall 61% at most. What a disappointment this weekend was.

But then something surprising happened: as there were only three starters in my class in the FEI Junior Individual Test, all of us were asked to go to the prize giving! So I got this special ribbon (it was the show around the Austrian Championships Small Tour!) AND I got a prize (a printed picture of my choice from the show photographer). But what's more, the tests on Saturday and Sunday were part of a trophy meaning both results were added and there was a tack store sponsoring the prizes. As most of the competitors which were still on the starting list did not compete on Sunday, all of a sudden I placed third in this trophy as well! Oh my God! A tack store voucher! How cool is that? I immediately ordered a set of dressage boots for Hafl as he deserves them.

Moral of the story: there is something like right place, right time. We might not have been the high performers on this weekend, we might not have reached our goal of having two more scores above 62%. But we now have an Austrian Championship ribbon, new dressage boots and a cute picture of the test on Friday. And a dirty car. A really dirty car.

Why did it have to rain today in the morning? WHY?

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