The Naked Truth

This year, I kept delaying Hafl's first clipping for this winter season as long as possible. Only yesterday, I had to oppose the hairy monster. No way I could start our winter training plans with having to walk him for hours after being finished with work. We started early with putting on blankets but still, he grew a tremendous amount of hair - the next ice age might just be around the corner, so you better be prepared I guess.

As we plan to go on a show as early as January, no fancy clipping patterns this year. The plan was to leave a square around his body. We ended up with something I would call "barrel clip" as the straight lines quickly turned into curves - the clipper had no chance against this massive belly. So it looks a bit strange I guess but it will do its job just fine. You might know by now that I hate clipping and it took me almost two hours this year as you have to be very precise as you can see single hairs that you forgot. Thanks to a chestnut who is pretty palomino underneath... Take a look at the clipping process and the results below!

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