Management of the Modern Sports Hafl

When I think back on my childhood, I recall that I felt perfectly fine when the horses I rode had their hay and pasture time, a little farrier visit here and there and once or twice a year they saw a vet. I never thought of things like physiotherapy, supplements, saddle fitting. I am terribly sorry now that I probably rode a horse in an anything else than perfect fitting saddle, that maybe their resistance came from pain as they never saw a dentist, sore muscles, aching back.

Handwalking in the sun to charge our batteries and fight winter blues

Today, things have changed dramatically. I know more, I care more. And obviously, I feel and see more. With that, the management of the modern sports Hafl has thus become way more complicated. I do not only make sure that his hay is of top quality, that he gets the right amount of oats and supplements needed. I make sure that he has pasture time as well as adequate and varied training to keep him mentally and physically happy and strong. He gets days off to regenerate.

Keeping Hafl happy with a little freejumping

I have his saddle checked at least once a year, have several pads to adjust fit in case his muscle change temporarily. Once a year, a dentist takes a closer look at his teeth, there is always something to do there.

Therapies like chiropractics, physiotherapy and alike are on his regular schedule. It is not like that he really is in pain but with moving up the levels the impact on his body, his tendons, muscles and joints increased. Like with any other athletes, there are sore muscles, hardenings or just areas on his body feeling uncomfortable. To make sure that I do what I can to counteract long-term impact, I brush and massage him daily but sometimes, he needs more than that. And I am fine to give him the chance to relax completetely in a two hours massage session (I guess I would love to have one for me as well every now and then).

Well done, Hafl!

Due to the circumstances of his chronic illness, I also make sure that he gets detoxed twice a year with herbs. I try to limit the amount of supplements and adjust them as needed.

Last week, I had Hafl scanned in a bioenergetic scan to find out which chakras are blocked. After the scan he also got a therapy. One may say that this is over the top but in the end, he enjoyed the treatment - so why not?!

Hafl enjoying his scan...and obviously losing an ear...

It seems like things have changed completely from the times when I was a child, but you also have to consider that back then I had no idea what it takes to make an athlete and riding was less structured. Today, we have a goal in mind and know that we both need to work hard to make it happen. So it is not only a treat, it is a must to make sure that Hafl is managed well. And oh of course, I need to look after myself more as well, but I am on a good way.

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