Goals Review...And Preview

Obviously, I managed to get to 2017 without any major 2016 - the year in review on TV. I did not even write my personal review for 2016 in 2016. So it is about time to look back on what happened last year, and what's more important, what will happen in 2017 - horsey wise!

We were almost done with the goals for 2016 when writing the half year review. We showed third level, took part in two championships, even got a little prize money in the end of the year and had a wonderful season. We actually checked almost all the items on our list by the end of the year. Hafl and I learned so much and we developed beyond expectations - and this way faster than expected.

Setting goals for this year thus became a little more difficult. Actually, there are only two goals left - even though I have to admit that they are tough ones. I want to see a 65% score in a third test. Remember, we hardly saw more than 62% last year, so that would mean a huge improvement in several movements. And the second one would be to show fourth level. Actually, I thought that we would invest a lot of time during winter in fourth level work, namely canter pirouettes and tempi changes. As we are almost at the end of winter, I can say: we did not. But we did something probably more important: working on suppleness. Endless hours I dedicated to have Hafl relaxed, on the aids, through the hands... We did not focus much on movements, honestly, we did only ride in the double bridle three times since our last show in October last year. And still, I feel prepared. Funny enough, he gives me such a good feeling right now and I cannot wait for next week and our first show to come this season.

It will be an extraordinary early start into show season this year. As we still see huge amounts of snow and double digit temperatures below 0°C, I am more than happy that this show will take place in an internationally competitive surrounding, even with heated indoors. Phew!

The first goal seems to be at least in sight, the second will probably not happen til the end of the season and this is okay. I never expected Hafl to move up the levels that fast and I know that there will come a day when we will have to stop showing simply because we will probably be never competitive enough to show Grand Prix and that is okay, too. Having a horse that you brought up the levels might be a once in a lifetime chance for an adult amateur, who knows whether my next horse will make it. So the overall mantra behind this whole show season will be: enjoy the moment!

Apart from the horsey stuff, 2017 is also going to be a year full of changes which already started in the last quarter. But how can it not be a good year when you already go to a horse show during the first month of the year?

Looking ahead to an eventful 2017

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