[Guest Post] Horse Riding: Top Mistakes Made By Beginners

Horseback riding is a progressive activity done on horseback: horse controlling, balancing and co-rhythmic movement. Previously, it was a common mode of transportation, but today it is rather about having fun, traditionalism or sport. Competitions with a long tradition are held for the latter and several equestrian sports are widespread. 

Horseback riding is a very exciting activity that moves all the muscles of the body, works upon the rider's soul, and requires constant concentration. In addition to recreation, horse riding has a very positive effect on the child's development and the physical and mental state, while it may also be used for therapeutic purposes (autism, people with disabilities, hyperactivity, anxiety, movement coordination, improvement of concentration).

Horse riding is a very special sport, since your sports companion is not a tool or an inanimate object here, but a half-ton colossus with its own private feelings and thoughts. It is not always an easy task to make yourself understood with the horse, but once the animal starts to cooperate with you, it becomes your best friend. Thus, the sport will become more than workouts, racing, medals or money. It becomes a passion for a lifetime.

Horse riding is an art. You need many years of practice before you can really learn, enjoy and feel this activity. It is the wonderful result of the harmony between man and horse that can be only felt after a lifetime of learning. It is wonderful that horse riding is the result of an intensive communication with a living being, in which a much stronger animal -that basically wants to escape- passes control to man.

We should not abuse the animal’s trust! We should love, honour, encourage the horse with patience, just like a little child. As well as other sports, horseback riding can be a lot of fun. Of course, only in the case if you sit on a horse which is friendly and you feel comfortable on. Horses are easy to tame, very friendly and fast, thus they are an ideal companion for children to play. But children tend to make mistakes when they are at the beginning. Horse riding for beginners was never easy. In the next few lines we will discuss the mistakes that are typically made by debutants and why professional horse riding lesson ideas are essential:

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/horse-animals-show-horseback-riding-1808727/

1. Tippy toe standing

Children often make this mistake during their first ride. Tippy toe standing makes the horse inconvenient with the saddle back when the speed is high. The horse may be snuffy and raise the handle, thus trying to equilibrate during the ride.

2. Ramming the feet further the stirrups

This may occur when the rider does not use the appropriate boots for the horse-riding and he or she puts his or her feet further in the stapedial bone. This can be dangerous for both children and parents, so it is fully recommended to buy the fitting boots.

3. Riding in a slouch position

Children watch lot of movies and they used to counterfeit the style that was seen. In these movies, the goodfellas used to slouch and hunch, but these habits can be destructive: they may induce lability during the ride.

4. Raising your hands

Vague children often try to keep their balance by raising their hands and arms in the air. But this is not always the best solution, because this will elongate the stripes which may result in the loss of control over the horse. You can imagine where this can lead: falling, rupture and crushing.

5. Horse looking

Novice horse riders, like many students who look for cheap fun, are likely to look often at their horse, because they are so impressed by their enthralling view. Experienced riders only do this when their neck is bent down.

6. Gripping the reins

Horse information for beginners: a too strong pull on the rope may cause a lot of frustration for the horse, so we should pay attention and be careful. The top rider commands the horse while he is riding on it. With time, the horse will get accustomed to the ropes because they do not feel anything or it shakes its head to evite the dolour and the pressing.

Horseback riding is a sport that may be developed into an art with the appropriate humility, diligence and perseverance. Don’t be cheap on horse riding lessons for kids, as without the essential information about horses and a set of basic skills, horse riding can be dangerous.

Helen Birk is a blogger and freelance writer for EssayOnTime. Her lifestyle credo is “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem”.

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