Horsey Problems: Blankets are Horses' Pair of Jeans

Some people claim that finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly is as likely as winning the lottery. I do not get it: why do they have so many different shapes and sizes and in the end, hardly anyone finds the perfect pair? I seldom wear jeans so I am not really affected. But when Hafl managed to tear his Horseware rug apart on Sunday, I realised: blankets are horses' pair of jeans!

Does my butt look fat in this blanket?

I bought this Horseware turnout rug some years ago (might be only two or three I do not know for sure), I especially chose this model as it promised to fit his figure best. His back is rather long and his low but rather short but wide chest make it pretty difficult to find a blanket that fits: if they fit in length, the part around the chest is way too long or low. So, I was pretty happy when I learned that the Horseware fitted perfectly. I also made sure that it was a 1200 Denier rug such that it would not tear that easily. So far so good. On Sunday, he literally got hooked when he tried to scratch his neck on his stable walls close to the door where there is a chain attached to the wall instead of a solid door to increase airflow. One of these hooks got under his blanket and he managed to rip the whole binding of the front part of his blanket of! I mean how lucky that nothing happened to him but how can you do that!? The blanket itself is totally fine but with 2 meters of binding hanging loose the blanket is for the birds (at least, for now).

As a stopgap, I brought two blankets that I still had at home. And I could not believe that they simply did not want to fit! And I remembered how many other blankets I had before that were as bad as these. So, I had to urgently and quickly buy a new blanket today (thank God there was a 50% sale on winter blankets). It seems that it pretty much looks like a Horseware (as I could not get a hold of a Horseware today) and when I put it on, it looked okay. Not perfect, not like the Horseware that we are used to and that we used to love, but okay. What is it, equipment producers, that makes you have so many different cuts and styles of blankets? Is it to have jeans mysterium pendant? Is it to make our lives with horses even more difficult? While complaining to myself, I decided that some stitches here and there would increase fit and that it would be okay for now. But next time when I find a blanket that fits perfectly, I will do the same so many women all around the world do when they find THEIR perfect pair of jeans: BUY A BUNCH OF THEM!!!

Can't wait to roll in my new blanket, human!

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