I Just Called...

...to say I love you... Really?! I mean what if Hafl could call me? You have to know, with my new job I am travelling a lot. I posted before that the haflsitters are taking care of him very often lately. So I was wondering what if Hafl would tell me if he could call me?

When I went to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier last month, I met a Romanian couple and they told me on day 1, that their two girls kept calling them over and over again. On day 2, they told me that they stopped calling as they obviously realised that they were in a pretty good situation with both of their parents thousands of kilometres away...

I guess Hafl would do pretty much the same. And he would probably have and do the following:

1. Hafl would for sure use an Apple iPhone. Apple. What else?!

2. Hafl would call to say: Hay girl...

3. Hafl would not use facetime as he would not brush his mane and tail for days.

Bad hair, don't care

4. Hafl would text me that I need to bring more treats.

I am desperate for treats, human!
5. Hafl's most used smiley would be the roll eyes.

Shaking your head in disgust

I guess it is good that horses have no phones...but maybe I could install a camera to see my boy every time I am away... <3 he="" like="" not="" p="" sure="" that="" though="" whether="" would="">

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