Everything You Need To Know About Transporting Horses Safely

There is nothing better than taking your horse to a dressage show and seeing how far you make it in all the competitions. It’s such a great learning curve for learner riders. However, there is just one problem that horse owners face - getting their animal to the show! Transporting horses is no easy feat, and it is something that you will certainly improve at the more you get to do it. But to make sure you never have a bad journey, here are some important tips that all horse owners need to be aware of.

Allow Plenty Of Time For Loading And Unloading
One of the most difficult parts of travelling with a horse is loading. This means, basically, getting your animal into the horse box. Horses can sometimes be very stubborn creatures, and might not want to get in the box at first. You will have to do a lot of coaxing! So be sure to plan plenty of time for this. Unloading is often easier, but as your horse might be slightly stressed after the journey, you should look for portable horse stalls for sale. Put your horse into one of these straight after the journey so that it has a chance to feed and calm down.

Pull Over On Long Journeys
If you are travelling for over three hours, you should plan in plenty of stops. Firstly, this gives you a chance to untie the horse and let it lower its head. This is important as it prevents it getting shipping fever of pneumonia. It also gives you the chance to check the horse over to make sure that it is doing fine.

Carry Extra Items
There are a few extra items that you should always carry with you whenever you are travelling with a horse. First of all, be sure to always have lots of extra water and hay. It is also worth packing some blankets, especially if the weather looks like it will be cold.

Make A Note Of Veterinary Practices On The Route
Another handy tip for those who are planning on taking their horse on a long journey is to double check the locations of all the veterinary practices along the route. You never know when something might go wrong, so it is important that you have a good idea of where you can go in an emergency. It is also wise to have the phone numbers of each of these practices saved in your phone. That way, you can call the nearest one if you are ever in an accident and your horse requires emergency medical attention. 

Ventilate Properly
Before you set off, you should double check that your horse box has adequate ventilation. If it doesn’t, your horse could suffer from respiratory problems, which could stress them out. Another way to combat these issues is to use straw and hay that isn’t too dusty.

If you follow these tips, then you will find that your horse’s journey goes very smoothly. And you’ll arrive at the dressage show ready to compete!

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