What We Can Do To Keep Our Horses Happy

When we own a horse, we have a responsibility for their wellbeing. After all, we want them to live a happy and fulfilling life in our residence. But a lot of people are left confused on how they should be best looking after their horse. Therefore, here is some good advice on how to keep your horse happy for longer.

Ensure they have a good shelter

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your horse has a good shelter at your humble abode. After all, it can be the secret to keeping them well and healthy for longer. At the end of the day, a good shelter can ensure the horse manages to have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, make sure it is large enough to ensure they are able to get comfortable while in the stables. And you need to ensure that it’s in good nick to ensure your horse stays warm and dry during the night. After all, if it’s falling apart, they might end up getting cold and soaked while you are inside your home. And they will pick up bugs aplenty which could lead to more serious health conditions. Therefore, ensure it’s sturdy, and if you do notice any holes in the shelter, seal them quickly for the sake of your beloved horse.

Only use the best quality hay

You also need to make sure your horse is eating a healthy diet full of the best nutrients and vitamins if you want to ensure they stay in good health. After all, you don’t want them to fall ill due to poor diet. As long as you get good-quality hay, you can ensure they get all the nutrients they need. But a lot of people don’t look into it properly when sourcing out good hay. Therefore, they might not keep their horse in good health if the feed is full of toxins. So, you need to make sure you find certified hay which is the most eco-friendly option, and the best for your horse. And don’t rule out growing your own hay on your farm. That way, you can ensure it’s the healthiest option for your horse. You can also top up the feed with grains if you need to give your horse some additional nutrients. And make sure you are giving them enough food. As we said before, different size horses have different requirements. So ensure they are getting plenty for their size to keep them happy and healthy.

Make sure they have exercise and friends

It’s not just your horse’s physical health you need to worry about. It’s also crucial to make sure they stay in good mental health. One way of doing this is via ensuring they get plenty of exercise in their life. After all, if they are always stuck in their shelter, their health will definitely deteriorate. Therefore, make sure they get out into the fresh air to have some time to stretch their legs. And make sure you go out riding with them regularly. Not only can it help you bond, but it will keep them healthy too. And never forget: horses are herd animals, they definitely need a friend to share some fun in the fields with.

Changes in the daily routine will ensure that your horse stays motivated

And if you think there is an issue, don’t hesitate to contact a vet. That way, they can check the horse’s health, so any problems are dealt with quickly.

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