Getting A Friend Into Horses!

Dressage, riding and horses are interesting hobbies - they aren't for everyone! However, if you've got a friend who has taken a close eye at what you've been doing over the years - and wants to join in, there can be nothing better. While we make friends at the stables, barns, during competitions and out riding; it can be truly comforting to enjoy horses and the hobbies that they bring with a friend - it can also bring a lot more fun to the hard work as well. You can't tell me that mucking alone is better than mucking with a friend? Surely! Riding is such a unique hobby - and horses are such unique things that it can get quite lonely. You'll find yourself wishing more of your pals would take it up, simply because when you're out with them, you might feel in a world of your own. We can share stories about football, about golfing, about boxing and other things - but when we share stories about horses, they only really appeal to a select few. It's a shame that we hold back when trying to explain something that means so much. What this means, is that if a friend shows any kind of interest of getting involved, you should do everything in your power to help them take the leap.

Bring them to the stables, allow them to get to know a horse. Help them ride, bring them to clinics, shows and lessons. Let them be a part of your world, and if they find that it’s not for them - at least they tried! You’ll know deep down that they tried. Encourage this, but don’t disguise the hard work from them.

If they do get to the stage where they start going to events, remember to encourage and take into account that not everyone can be a winner. You might have a little one that is getting into dressage, you might have a partner who is starting to excel at it - you'll more than likely know a number of people who perform dressage. Unfortunately, these people can't be champions at the same time! If you're trying to get a friend into riding - or even dressage - they might have to realise that they might not be a champ straight away. It doesn't matter - because win or lose, you can still reward them with something from to reward their hard work. Every rider needs a shelf full of trophies - and something to commemorate their first time out might be better than a first place medal. The disappointment of not being commended can put some off of riding - even though it shouldn’t - and you don’t want this to happen to your pal!

Horse riding can be lonely at times - and hey - if your friends decide that it’s not for them, that’s more than ok. You can’t force anyone to like a hobby, and you shouldn’t. At the end of the day, the best friend for riding is always going to be your horse and that won’t change.

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