3 Most Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Horse

If you are deciding whether you want to own a horse or not, then there are some important factors to consider that will help you to make that decision. We all know that horses are no ordinary pet, they are a big investment in terms of both money and commitment and they need an enormous amount of care and knowledge in order for them to be able to thrive in their environment. So if you are a little uncertain about whether it is right for you or not, read on for the main points to try and help you make that decision. 


The cost of a horse is probably the best place to start for those considering making the investment. It is not just the cost of the purchase of a horse that needs to be considered it is also the maintenance costs that need to be taken into consideration. Horses are expensive to sustain and look after so anyone considering buying one, needs to do the maths on how much it is going to cost on an annual basis.

Your horse is going to need food, shelter, medication and veterinary care. It will require all the right maintenance tools and equipment and you may also need to pay someone to care for your horse if you have periods when you are not there. The veterinary bills for keeping on top of a horse's health are not cheap so these are all expenses that need to be taken into consideration.


Depending on the breed, age, activity level, health condition of your horse, and even external factors such as weather and climate, will all affect the type and amount of food you that you feed your horse. It is a common misconception that horses only eat grass, however, grass is not enough to completely sustain a horse. So you will need to add other items to their diet to make sure they are consuming grains, crops, hay, protein and salt that are all necessary to keep a horse strong, healthy and happy.


You are going to need to have enough space available to not only keep your horse but also all the grooming, feeding and general maintenance equipment. It is easy to forget all the details that are necessary to look after your horse, from crop storage for when they have eaten the grass in your field and needs to graze until the grass has grown back, right through to appropriate shelter options for them in hotter months of the year.

Horses need a lot of space in order to feel free and happy, so you must look at the space that you have available in your outdoor space. Anyone with less than one acre of land is deemed insufficient, in terms of space, to own a horse, so make sure you are only considering it if you have enough space for him to roam. 

It is a big decision to own a horse so really take some time to consider the above points to be certain that you are in the best position to give your horse the loveliest life in the best possible environment.

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