Horsey Girls' Night Out

I am not sure what normal people do when they go out on weekends. I just know what horsey girls do on a night out: watching a horse ballet accompanied by an opera. And I am not kidding - that is what just happened last Sunday night.

Surprisingly, I was invited to an event where they tried to have opera and horses in one show. My trainer and I drove two hours, eager to see how they would manage that. Actually, the setting was super nice: the whole stage and arena were set up in the garden of a castle, a pretty awesome castle if you asked me.

We had VIP tickets meaning that we had some pre-show munch. Yummy.


And then, when it turned dark, the whole thing started. To our left was the stage with the orchestra and the actors/singers. Right between the two stands was the riding arena. We were sitting pretty close and I was really looking forward to the show. I have to admit though: it is really difficult to please horsey people. When watching these riders, all of their mistakes were so obvious to us and we were pretty busy in commenting the things that went wrong. But people around us enjoyed the show, they had no idea what ist should look like I guess whereas we saw every single flaw. And it is like with all horsey people: we love to criticise.

In retrospect, they were not sooo bad. Sure, one or the other flying change was not through and yes, there were horses doing things that were not part of the show but it seemed that most of the spectators did not even realize so for them it was fine. The last quadrille was definitely the best part but I also enjoyed the in hand work.

The play was sort of strange, it was a mixture of different pieces of operas packed in a story told by a narrator.

Anyway, being on a horsey girls' night out obviously means that horses are involved. And castles. The only thing "missing" were the princes, we even had the white horses...

Enjoy a ton of pictures and videos!


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