Workcation Day 2: A Little Mucking Never Killed Nobody

Day 2 started early (in case you missed Day 1, you can find it here). I volunteered for some barn chores and started mucking at 7:15. Actually, compared to other barns, a 10-stalls barn feels like a vacation. In between, I helped my trainer to get her horses ready for her lessons with her trainer and watched in between as well. You can learn so much by just watching. After my first workout of the day, I made a nice breakfast for me and myself and put myself on our barn's terrace watching more lessons.

Ah there, a breakfast for champions (and for me and only me!)

There was not much time left until it was my turn. As I am on holiday, I have enough time to nicely groom Hafl (who decided today that it would be a good idea to roll in the only muddy spot he could find - wait, where is there even mud in our picture perfect fields?!) and put bandages on. All dressed up, we headed to the arena for yet another lesson. Today's goal was to straighten him in trot and canter. Apparently, throughout the last months, we worked too much on a circle such that we missed that haunches in, which feel super fine and straight right now, are NOT straight. Hafl felt weird as I straightened him and after some bulb light moments we managed to show a gorgeous trot (bouncy bouncy) and a super canter afterwards. Some good flying changes and that was it. What a difference his trot is now! What felt like a ball rolling down a hill (exactly at the same speed as well) now feels like walking on a trampoline! He showed one or two or even some steps before but now we can keep that and I immediately realize when we are back to an uncontrolled ball rolling down the hill.

Doing everything such that.... looks neat for at least some minutes (hopefully)
Hafl was happily put away after his lesson leaving a huge grin on my face, thankful and happy for the second workout done for that day. It was lunch time as the horses reminded me so I quickly fed them and decided that it was the perfect time for some trailer polishing! Back to the trailer, I started off with the sides as they were super easy. I also did some more work on the front as there you can see most of what happened over the years. The greyish look almost vanished after minute long polishing with that special polish that fights weathering oh so well - and destroys my fingers and nails in the same step. Bummer. I have done the whole trailer earlier this year with a polishing machine but just realized these days that nothing beats work by hand - even though it meant that I counted yet another workout for the day. Only the hood is left for now - I am eyeballing a polishing machine as I write this post to safe some of my fingers and nails. A last quick mucking and off I went early afternoon just right to wash my car.

Polishing and polishing and polishing....

..and eventually, your trailer can double as mirror for a quick check before entering your next test
And if you think that we are done here, you are dead wrong. As I was obviously not tired enough already, I opted for a Nordic walking session to the lake: 45 minutes in one direction and another sweaty shirt. At least, there I gave myself a bit of rest and treated myself with a huge glass of lemonade - which afterwards made sure that I walked home even faster.

Ah well, these must be people on holiday...I guess

Yummy run faster home motivation!
I have to admit that I am bit tired now. A bit of laundry folding is still left along with some glasses my dishwasher refuses to wash throughly enough....I might also fall for a scoop of mint chocolate icecream and some relaxation on my couch...who knows...

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