Workcation Day 3: Laziness is the first big step towards efficiency. Patrick Bennett

Okay, okay, I have to admit, I was the laziest person ever seen today. As suspected yesterday already, I woke up with a ton of sore muscles. I snoozed my alarm until 7:30 and forced myself to get breakfast by bike instead of my car. By then, I still thought that this was going to be a productive day. I did some household chores before heading for the barn around lunch time. As it was vet's and farrier's day, many boarders were around and that meant: lots of people to talk to. We had to wait for another vet who run late such that conversations kept going until an upcoming thunderstorm forced us to go inside. With the rain pouring down, even the last tiny bit of motivation was gone. I dragged myself into the indoor arena to have a little training session while my trainer was teaching another student - just that she could have an eye for us.

Uh oh, Hafl, there is a thunderstorm coming....

Trot felt good, although the indoor (20x40) seems tiny compared to the big outdoor arena and we haven't ridden in it for ages - remember, it is summer here and we normally make use of the outdoor as much as possible. Canter was good on the left hand but I am really struggling to hold the tension in my body on the right - plus, I am unintentionally bending Hafl way to much to the right resulting in him struggling to put his haunches on track. We did not ride that long but were both soaked afterwards - yet another reason to make sure I bring tonnes of Kastel Denmark shirts and jackets back from the US...

The sun came back after our ride but unfortunately, not my motivation (who would have guessed). So I tried hard to stick to the plan to finish my tack locker (make sure that you come back the following weeks to read more on that!). That is now a task for tomorrow along with some tack cleaning and cleaning of my barn closet. Tomorrow, I will start earlier having a lesson at 10 already and with the clear aim to hit the gym again as I haven't been there so far this week.

The only thing I will be still doing today is some more packing lists for my upcoming business trips and our next show as I will be pretty busy travelling the following two weeks. Let's see whether I can catch up tomorrow after the laziest day of the week.

Mirror selfie in the indoor while the rain was pouring down

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