Yay Or Neigh? Consider These Factors Before Buying A Horse For The First Time

Many people dream of owning a horse from a very young age, and the fortunate few get to make their dream come true. However, is buying a horse right for you? The idea is a wonderful one, but some practicalities need to be taken into consideration. Horses need an owner who is at once caring and knowledgeable, so you shouldn’t purchase a four-legged friend on a whim. You need to make an informed decision, but if you are buying a horse for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we will give you a few pointers to help you in your thinking process. Here are a few factors you need to consider.

Buy with your head, not your heart

Don’t buy a horse for the wrong reason. You may have seen a fine animal at your local stables and immediately fallen in love with it. Or perhaps you have visited a charitable website and decided you need to be the person who rescues an ill-cared-for animal. These are the wrong reasons. For starters, a horse is not a pet. Secondly, if you don’t know the first thing about horses, you should probably donate some money to the horse charity instead, and leave it to the experts.

Think before you buy, and do some research. Read a few books on horses, and look online to source further information. Then get yourself some riding lessons to test your compatibility with a horse. You may even be able to help out at the local stables, giving you the experience in giving the appropriate care a horse needs. In short, get used to the reality of owning a horse before buying one, as this will indicate whether buying a horse is or isn’t right for you.

Think about the costs

You aren’t only buying a horse, as there are a lot of things you need to consider after that initial purchase. As with any animal in your care, certain provisions are considered necessary, so if you don’t have the finances for long-term care, then forget about buying an animal until you are financially able.

There are a number of things you will need to pay for. Your horse needs sufficient shelter and space, so you may be interested in purchasing a horse property. Then there is food to consider. Yes, you may have a field at the back of your home, but grass is not sufficient for a horse’s diet. Grain and hay are just some of the foods needed for a horse’s nutrition. Then there are the other costs, such as shoeing, vet bills, and board for when you’re away for any period of time.

When it comes to buying the horse, you need to spend the appropriate amount. A little bit of online research will give you an idea on how much horses are to buy. You may be offered a bargain, but consider why the horse is cheap. For example, is it in the best of health? You should take an experienced horse professional with you before making any quick purchases. This can include a vet who will make a pre-purchase exam of the horse's health, and and an experienced horse owner who knows the right questions to ask before purchase.

Be committed

A horse needs shelter and food, but it also requires care and commitment on your part. If you don’t have the time to look after the horse sufficiently, then don’t make the leap into buying one. Tasks will include keeping to a feeding schedule and cleaning out the stables. You should also commit yourself to learning how to ride a horse, otherwise, what’s the point in having one? Horses are not lawn ornaments! The horse will need exercise on a daily basis, and while you could pay for somebody to take the horse out riding, you will get more enjoyment by taking to the saddle yourself.

Your horse needs you to help it thrive and survive, so it would be unfair to buy one if you aren’t committed to providing the proper care. As we said, if you don’t have the time or resources to look after the horse, don’t bother. You can still enjoy looking after horses on a part-time basis by volunteering for somebody else if you aren’t able to manage long-term care.


Buying a horse is an exciting prospect, but you need to do your research and take stock of your life beforehand. Get some experience elsewhere, speak to the professionals, and take some riding lessons. Only then will you know whether it’s right for you.

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