Taking Your Equine Excursions To The Next Level

Most horse owners love anything equine. Give us a day at the dressage, or an experience at the races anytime. We’ll lap up that horse filled goodness like nothing else. But, as well as being a hobby, these equine excursions could help you build the relationship you have with your horse.

How, you ask? By giving you a glance into all things horse, of course. We head to fashion shows to get an idea of what works in fashion, right? So, what’s to stop your horse experiences helping you get closer to what’s right for your equine friend?

Instead of going along as a bystander, approach your next horse-related event with open eyes. Consider yourself the student, and the event the lesson you need to learn. Look with a critical mind at everything that’s going on. You’re sure to learn a thing or two. And, the following points may well be in your lessons somewhere.

What works and what doesn’t

Watching the winning and losing horses is a fantastic way to gain an idea of what works, and what doesn’t. It may be that a jockey at the races has a technique which didn’t pay off. Or, perhaps a dressage expert taught you something you didn’t know about horse handling. Whatever the lesson, it’s sure to come in handy.

You could take this further by hopping on an app like Unibet and betting on the horse racing while you’re there. This is a fantastic way to analyse horses for their ability. The most successful bets are more than guesswork. Those placing bets analyse and assess the animals in question to ensure their success. If you do the same, you’ll soon get an idea of the perfect condition to aim towards for your horse. Plus, you stand to make some money if you get good!

Ideas for fun things to try
Days out like these are also fantastic for ideas. As well as main events, there are often fun things going on which you can turn to. And, there’s no reason you can’t attempt these smaller events at home. Or, even the larger ones for that matter. Watching dressage up close may give you a desire to try it. If you pay attention, you could even get some pointers.

Or, perhaps the small jumps in a minor event would suit you better. If you pay attention to the layout, there’s no reason you can’t recreate it when you get home.

Beauty tips

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest horse of them all? Yours with a bit of luck. What horse owner wouldn’t want their four-legged friend looking fabulous? Well, horses don’t get more striking than those at professional events. So, it’s worth taking note of everything beauty related you see. The horses themselves are sure to have plaited tails and so on. And, if you manage to get a sneak peek at preparations, you may spot products to look out for, too. Your horse’s appearance could be right up there with the professionals in no time.
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