In Order To Inspire People, That`s Going To Have To Come From Somewhere Deep Inside Of You. Jeff Weiner

The following post is what I would call a blogging success story. When I started blogging, I hoped that somebody would read my posts and enjoy them, and eventually be inspired to try their heart out to follow their dreams. As an adult ammy on a short-legged pony, we are a pretty good example of how far hard work can lead you - against all odds. The aim to get as far as we can on our dressage journey is something that comes from somewhere deep inside of me - and even though I do not know it for sure, I guess I have Hafl's buy-in.

It was already in 2014 when I wrote a blog about horses and weddings after I had read about another equestrian bringing her horse to her wedding. I also searched the internet for some nice pictures as I obviously do not have my own wedding pictures yet.

One dress pictured in this blog apparently caught the attention of a bride-to-be who searched the internet for her dream wedding dress. In December 2016, she desperately reached out to me:


I'm looking to get married next year and I'm in love with a dress that's pictured with a horse on your website. I found my way to your blog when I was looking for a white horse for my future husband to ride on to the wedding ceremony. We call it Baaraat in India.

I've attached an image of the dress I'm referring to. I'd really appreciate if you can help me find where/how to purchase something like that. I'm not even sure what it's called or how to even search for it online so I'd really appreciate if you can help me identify it's style or something. Sorry this is a bride to be in her desperate for The Dress.
Indeed, a very nice dress!

That was Asha's first email and I remember well how sorry I felt when I had to tell her that I simply looked it up on the internet. I had nothing more than the picture URL. Nevertheless, I asked Asha to keep me posted on her choice and maybe send me some pictures.

And, oh my God, she thankfully did! Last December, I got an update telling me that she eventually got married and shared some pictures of her dress that is now a combination of Western peachiness and traditional Indian wedding attires. I was flashed to see this gorgeous dress and I felt so honoured that Asha thought of me and send me these beautiful pictures! You can also see Dwight, the white horse she wished for, who got a special part in this photo shooting at the wedding:

Asha's beautiful dress (c) Asha

What a gorgeous couple (c) Asha

Asha told me that Dwight very much enjoyed the wedding but his interest was drawn to the yummy leaves on the ground - I guess a fact that you have to face when inviting horses to your wedding...

I am so happy for the newlyweds and wish them all the best for the future! Thank you, Asha, for sharing your story and making me proud! I truly hope to share some more blogging success stories over time... especially, when they are as touching as this one!

Let me share with you once again the picture I used in the blog as an inspiration of what I could look like on my horsey wedding:

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